Hi Friends!! Thanks for stopping by! 


I think everyone deserves a great picture of their family, their friends, their brand new baby, or their high school graduate. There are a million different reasons to capture this very moment in time! Experiencing a newborn turn into a baby and then turn into a toddler is simply wonderful. Not to mention, I want every Mom to remember their 7 year old's toothless smile! Time flies and we forget...but not if we capture it in a photograph! I'm striving to always provide a laid back and FUN experience for my clients! I don't get too worked up about silly kids, but would rather focus on finding ways to connect. We can play catch while we take pictures, we can just talk and giggle, maybe we just need a quick snuggle with Mom before we're ready to venture out, or perhaps we need a little timeout for a snack! Who knows, but don't you worry -- I'm always ready to get to know your family and figure out how to get all those special moments captured!! 


A few fun facts about me...

  • I'm a wife to Shane, and Mom to Zay & Ellie...these guys are MY WORLD. And they also keep me very busy!! 
  • I really like a CLEAN house, a good RUN, an intriguing BOOK, and a FUNNY meme!
  • My drink of choice? Coffee in the AM, Wine in the PM, Water anytime! 
  • Give me alllll the SUMMER weather! Winter is just a little too cold and too dark for me. 
  • When I'm not photographing families, taxing children or doing laundry, you can find me advocating for PKU, a rare disease that both of my kiddos have. 


I can't wait to meet your family!